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Registration is a two-step process.

Step One: Please complete one form for each traveler. You may open a new form every time you need to register another individual. Remember to use the “submit” button at the end of each form, so we get all your important information!

Step Two: Click the "PURCHASE" button below and pay the amount due for each party. You can add all participants together in your registration, or make a separate charge for each registration. Remember: you are not registered until we receive BOTH your completed form AND your non-refundable registration deposit. Be aware your travel account is non-transferrable and subject to the cancellation policy found in the “program conditions” for that program.

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In order to pay your balance for the rest of the trip, follow the payment schedule on your tour conditions by mailing a check to our office at:

Christian Travel Study Programs, Inc.

30 Rising R Rd.

Lake Placid, FL 33852

Interested in paying with a credit card? Click here and look under “credit cards.”


Please register for “land only” package if you need special seats or arrangements for your flight (like requiring certain seats, seeking upgrades or using frequent flyer miles, etc.) as group ticketing is not designed to handle those specific needs.

In addition, please make sure you secure travel insurance that covers any cancellation, so that you will have peace of mind in the unlikely case that you are unable to make your trip (due to health or family emergency).

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