Books on Greece

Take a look at a few of these to prepare!

“If you like Cahill (i.e. How the Irish Saved Civilization), this is a decent work. I found it heavy on Homer, but a good basic read for the big picture ideas.” -Randy

“Burckhardt is a classic historiography book. It isn’t light reading, but a scholar’s work done in a reasonably friendly style.” - Randy

History of Greek Culture
By Jacob Burckhardt

“This book has enough scholarship to be well documented, but is readable and sensible in what it included.” - Randy

Alexander the Great
By Philip Freeman

“Professor Garland from Colgate is a brilliant presenter. I have listened to him for hours in courses and LOVE his way of weaving history and story.” - Randy

“Thomas Martin’s book isn’t new or trendy, but it is solid and has been used by students for a generation on the subject. It is worth the time.” -Randy