“How does standing on this spot help me understand what God SAID?”


God has given you life in an era when travel and resources exist to better understand and draw closer to His heart. Travel programs and their accompanying materials are a big part of what will cut through the modern cultural cloud, making sure you know what the story actually said, and why it is important enough to God to share in His Word.

Nothing shakes up our assumptions like standing in the places where powerful events unfolded, and God made Himself known on a profound way, when we grasp their culture as something foreign to our background. Travel stretches our minds as we encounter a feast for our senses. It moves us beyond our comfort zone, and presses us to explore questions we may have never encountered. We include painstakingly researched materials as resources that will help you before, during and after your travels, because we want your experience to spur you to deeper study of God’s Word, a richer understanding of God’s love for the world, and a greater hunger to follow Him with your whole heart and mind

Time in the culture with those who can strip away the centuries of change and take back to the place long ago will change what you see in the Word. It will give you confidence that what you are sharing with your world is what the Word truly said. It will allow you to defend well and reach out with both love and confidence about the truth.

Join us for a deep dive into history, archaeology, geography and cultural anthropology to be sure that we are learning things that are credible and well researched - each journey assumes participants are largely new to that region and subject. Hunger to learn and an openness to be challenged are the only prerequisites. CTSP is committed to building educational journeys that expose the world of the Bible and explain the growth and changes in the Christian movement as the message of Jesus spread across the world.

There are a number of things about travel study you may find appealing.

First, people who travel together are challenged to think in broader terms than their counterparts who engage materials in a classroom. Culture is often the "elephant in the room" that is unacknowledged. Learning to see things from a different perspective will broaden your ability to solve problems and understand currents of history from a wider view.

Second, people who travel to learn engage the learning process with more senses. It is one thing to learn about history in dates and places, and quite another to walk the terrain of a place, smell the morning air and feel the gentle breezes from the slope. Memory is enriched by a deeper experience of sensory engagement.

Third, people who travel experience challenges as a group, and join in a communal experience. Community is at the heart of the Christian life, and small groups of travelers engage each other and connect in unique ways away from their home and workplaces.

Fourth, people who travel have more fun! The whole experience of eating new foods, seeing breathtaking landscapes and engaging new cultures is a fascinating one. Our company is filled with people who are addicted to the experiences of travel!

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