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What We Offer

CTSP has three distinct types of travel offerings: "Biblical Study Tours", "History of our Faith Tours"  and "Guided Tours":

  • The "Study Tours" are typically led by Dr. Randall Smith, our director - and are essentially: "How does standing on this spot help you understand your Bible better?"

  • "History of our Faith Tours" go beyond the Biblical world around the Mediterranean and address the history and movement of the Christian faith.

  • "Guided Tours" are trips that are planned by our office for group leaders that wish to travel with one of our hand-selected local guides. These are sometimes called "pilgrimage tours".

If you are a group leader, and would like information on how to initiate one of these travel experiences, fill out the request form below. We have many resources to help you get started!

Over the many years of our travel and educational services, our office has provided complete travel study programs in Israel, Jordan, Egypt, Turkey, Greece, Cyprus, Italy, France, Germany, Lichtenstein, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands. We'd love to help your group get the journey they desire!