Books about the history and culture of Italy

Most of these are available in book, audio or kindle format…

Cambio’s vision for Florence is set in an interesting historical frame.

A decent and general history… You will never find a history on this subject that everyone likes!

Don’t get the kindle version - the books pictures are better! Read it BEFORE the visit.

I like what Baker did, it is reasonably concise and highlights some key figures.

“No one writes this stuff like Mary Beard. If you can catch her on YouTube, you will find she is eccentric, but quite a good writer.” - Randy

“If you are arriving early or staying after in Rome, trust me, you will want a few of these tips!” - Randy

“Because I am a foodie, how could I NOT include a food book?” - Dottie

“Don’t read Gibbon (it is massive!) I recommend you consider listening to the audio book!” - Randy

“You won’t go wrong with this professor’s writings. He is clear and informative without undue dryness.” -Randy