Practical Help For Group Leaders: 

CTSP offers a variety of helps to get your group organized - from concept to journey. Our programs are designed by Bible teachers and Pastors for people who want to engage the land, and learn from God's Word. Here are some of the things we include that may help you:



Study Tour Planner

CTSP offers you a seasoned Tour Planner who will help you craft an excellent  itinerary, as well as answer your questions about leading groups or developing appropriate teaching materials for a particular site you will be visiting. Our dedicated travel professionals are available both before and during your tour, ensuring the best experience from registration to your arrival back home.

Customized Itinerary

Group leaders participate in creating the itinerary for their group as they work with a CTSP Study Tour Planner. We can suggest one of our standard itineraries for the country you wish to visit, as well as some explanation of a site’s historical and spiritual significance.


Engaging Local Guides

CTSP partners with outstanding local guides in each country (in addition to our teaching staff) who are thoroughly versed in history and culture, but also understand our travel participants expect engaging education and lively presentation.

Printed Study Guide

Available for download to each participant is our invaluable guide, which features maps, charts and Bible references for the sites they will visit. This will allow your participants to take notes and journal what they learned and where you God worked in them.


Clear, Inclusive Pricing

Our pricing, as much as is possible, is “all inclusive” – which means your participants won’t need to worry so much about local currency and interpreting prices. Your CTSP teacher and your local guide have arranged most everything on your trip. If there is a lunch a participant needs to pay for, they will know in advance, and we will make clear both what is included and how much it will cost.

Online Registration

As a group leader, you can promote your tour without handling registrations and payments. Our secure online registration site handles all documents and registration collections. Participants can deal directly with our office and you can request a report on the registration progress of your group at any time.


Preparation Guide

CTSP supplies participants with a detailed packing list, a downloadable .pdf travel guide, and our “frequently asked questions” (FAQ) tab on the website to keeps participants informed, prepared, and excited for the coming trip.

Promotional Materials

CTSP will provide a group leader with a color .pdf of a brochure, a custom poster for a church display, and a variety of other promotional materials. Ask your Tour Planner for details on how you can obtain customized publicity materials.