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“If you’re wanting something to do, other than relaxing or walking the beach …” - Joan


Carmel Market in Tel Aviv.

Carmel Market in Tel Aviv.


Stroll (or take a taxi) about 2 miles south to see this area which is a microcosm of life in this part of the country.  Great for experiencing contemporary culture and people watching. Available any day.


Located in downtown Tel Aviv, this museum has exhibits and a video about the founding of Tel Aviv … and moving on to the declaration of the State.  While sitting in the room where the proclamation actually took place, you hear David Ben Gurion declare “to be in existence, the State of Israel!”, followed by “HaTikvah”, the Israeli national anthem.  The Hall closes at 5:00 p.m.; earlier on Friday, and is closed on shabbat), and the entrance fee is 24 NIS ($6) for adults or 10 NIS ($2.50) for senior citizens.  Great for lovers of modern history. 


Eretz Israel Mussum at Tel Qasile in Tel Aviv.

Eretz Israel Mussum at Tel Qasile in Tel Aviv.

Located at Tel Qasile about 2 miles north of our hotel. It is a really cool museum where the "bronze serpent" of the type Moses would have lifted up can be seen (found at Timnah, but housed in a display in Tel Aviv). The museum is at 2 Lebanon St., Ramat-Aviv and phone is 972-3-6415244 if you need to get a taxi. The walk is 40 mins, but the taxi is less than ten mins. This is attached to the Yarkon River Park, and the little exhibits of the Late Bronze (Exodus and Conquest) Periods are really good.  The Museum closes at 4:00 p.m. on Wednesday, and the entrance fee is 48 NIS ($12). Great for someone who loves archaeology.


Visit this Messianic outreach coffee shop in downtown Tel Aviv. Great for those who want to know what God’s doing in the Land, and how to pray for Israelis. Call first since they have recently moved. Phone: 03-621-2103 or -2108

RESTAURANTS (or ask the hotel reception desk) Spellings are approximate, since they come from Hebrew letters. Shtsupak and Old Man & the Sea are open on sabbath. Not sure of others.

SHTSUPAK (pronounced loosely as Shtoo-pak) “local joint” known for seafood, on Ben Yehuda, a block or so north of the Grand Beach Hotel.

BARBUNYA – “local joint” known for fish, on Ben Yehuda, south of the Grand Beach Hotel.

MANTAREY -  gourmet (and more expensive!) at Banana Beach (south towards Jaffa).  I’ve not been there, but it is well known.

OLD MAN AND THE SEA (HAZAKEN VE HAYAM)  - at the Jaffa Port; bigger than the other places. Their Labrak is probably the best fish I’ve ever had … plus other seafood lamb, beef, chicken, etc. They also have a newer, more modern location nearby. The new location looks nicest, but I’ve heard the food at the original location is better.

Old Man and the Sea Restaurant won’t leave you wanting more!

Old Man and the Sea Restaurant won’t leave you wanting more!