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Dottie and I have traveled together for decades, and Joan has vast experience in group travel since the 1960s. Ask us for what works in travel tech, comfortable items and packing tips, and you will end up writing down stuff you can find on this page. We keep adding more to it, because we keep discovering other great items that help us travel more efficiently.

"I have used this backpack for more than five years, with no end in site. It is my daily "go to" bag and cannot be beat!" - Randy

“People ask me about phones they can switch with local SIM cards. This is the one I use. Project Fi is a better option for the occasional overseas traveler.” - Randy

"If you travel, you know smart wool. It is the best thing to enter my wardrobe in years!" - Randy

“Tom Trotter from San Diego gave me this hat, and I love it!” - Randy


"If you are going to do any laundry, you may find this as helpful as I have." -Dottie

"If you check weight because you shop, this could save you extra bag fees!" - Dottie

“I travel with this lightweight but excellent laptop. It comes in many varieties and colors!” - Joan

"I admit that I am a minimalist at heart, but this is smart for any traveler that doesn't want to share their wallet with a pickpocket!" -Randy


“I use this little speaker in my hotel room to watch things on my computer and listen to my music collection. It is fantastic!” - Randy


"I use packing cubes because they save a ton of space and organize my journey for me." -Randy

"People ask about these little clips on almost every trip. If you have 110-220 appliances, these will do the trick." -Randy

“I promise'll be doing lots of walking! These are a little nicer than your average tennis shoes and are very comfortable.” - Dottie

“If you want to bring a few pairs of underwear that will wash out and dry quickly, these are the best I have found.” - Randy

People are funny about their water bottles, but some folks from Seattle say these are the best! - Randy


‘If you're like me and like to catch extra zzzz's when flying this works wonders! “ - Dottie

“I try and stay as organized as I can while traveling and this really helps me keep all my "stuff" together. “ - Dottie

“Stop looking. These are the headphones that will block outside noise from the plane but give great sound to your music .” - Randy

“I normally use over ear headphones, but they don’t work for sleeping. Got a snoring roommate? Here is the definitive answer, period.” - Randy


“This roll up bag is great to organize things. It can be for clothing, toiletries on anything you may want to hang when on a journey.” - Randy