A number of ancient Biblical kingdoms are now embraced inside the Turkish homeland. Each area of the country feature unique landscapes and offers a glimpse of a diverse and massive stage for history. From coastal plains and crashing surf in the west, to austere terrain that once housed the infamous monastic movements of Christianity, Turkey has it all. Our trips generally focus on the Roman Period in Anatolia, but can be tailored more toward the ancient Hittites, or the Hellenistic developments. In the north, we always take the time to ponder the development of the early Christian movement, and attempt to follow the passage of time to the rise of the Ottomans. Turkey is well worth the time for many visits. Among the most popular programs are those of Paul's Journeys recorded in the Book of Acts, and the life and ministry of the Apostle John, highlighting the letters to the seven churches in western Asia Minor recorded in the Book of Revelation. 

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